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Tips & Tricks to Play Andar Bahar Online – A Fast-Paced Card Game

Andar Bahar card game and Teen patti with real money are undoubtedly some of India’s most popular gambling games. Both the games have made their way to online casinos and play a key role in the rapid proliferation of the Indian gaming market. In India, there has been a huge increase in Teen patti download over the past few years. It is a clear indicator that people are comfortable playing their favourite games virtually.

Both, Teen patti online game and Andar Bahar account for a significant percentage of the total time spent by Indian gamers on online gaming portals. While most Indians are familiar with Teen patti rules, Andar Bahar is a slightly different game in which the players rely on sheer luck to win. However, experienced players combine luck with practical experience and informed guesses to get ahead of others in the game.

You must always remain alert during the Andar Bahar card game online, as your opponents might trick you and shatter your confidence. You should watch out for:

Some Devices Used by Cheats for Tricking Opponents:

  • Marked deck of cards.
  • Poker analyzer software.
  • CFL light playing card devices.
  • GSM Neck loop.

These devices’ primary aim is to snoop on your card and get details of the cards you are holding. These devices can capture cards very clearly within a specific range. Also, remain alert about the technology-powered devices such as a hidden lens that can scan cards and relay information stealthily to your opponents using some form of vibrating signals and so on.

If you are privy to a few tricks, you can improve the chances of winning easily. Here are a few tips to increase your winning odds in the Andar Bahar card game.

Place Your Bet Where The First Card is Placed

This simple trick will help increase your chances of winning while lowering the house edge. The winning card is more likely to come upon the side where the first card was placed. The payout will be slightly lower, but you have a realistic chance of winning a decent amount.

Double the Bet on Every Loss:

Andar Bahar offers players a 50 percent chance of winning, which means you cannot use any strategy to improve the winning percentage. However, when you lose on a bet, double the stake on the next one. Known as the Martingale strategy, it helps cover your losses significantly when you win in the subsequent rounds.

Keep Your Bets Small

Experts recommend that you place small bets as a low wager will increase the longevity of your playing time and help you recoup from any losses. You can increase your stakes when you hit a winning streak.

Use the Side Bets to Your Advantage

You can improve your winning potential by using the four side bets available to you. The possibilities of winning are higher, as you can use various combinations from the side bets. Also, the payouts for side bets are more.

Manage Your Bankroll

Sticking to your budget is the cardinal rule of any online casino game, and the same applies to the Andar Bahar card game. The game is simple— to play and win, but you may have a bad day too when things do not go your way. Set a budget in advance when you play Andar Bahar because the rounds move extremely fast, and you may lose heavily even before you realize what is happening.

Choose the Right Casino

Look for casinos that are known to give free bonuses. They can come in handy when you play Teen patti with real money, rummy, or Andar Bahar. If you lose, these bonuses can act as a cushion. If you win, free money can boost your income further.

Know the Table Limit

When you play online, do not grab those Teen patti chips without knowing the table limit. The same goes for Andar Bahar games. Most casinos set table limits to help players limit their stake amounts beforehand. Be mindful of the table limit right through the game, and more so when placing bets. It will help you play responsibly.


These tips may not make you rich after every game, but it can help you cut losses and teach you how to play the Andar Bahar game like a pro. As you keep applying these tricks to your game, you will be able to approach every game with an enhanced confidence level every time.


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