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Tips & Tricks to Avoid Getting Cheated in Online Casinos

The days are gone when people used to turn to Vegas when thinking of casinos. You could be in any part of the world and still gamble some cash around. You can earn hefty amounts of money with online gambling. Well, what’s the catch? The only things that create a sense of hesitation around online casino games are ‘scam’ and ‘deceit’. The game involves enormous amounts, and that is why you have to be careful about where you are placing your trust and money. Every site that allows you to gamble doesn’t have the right intentions behind the services they offer. Then how to filter out the best online casinos, to avoid gettingscammed?

Following are the tips to avoid getting tricked or scammed while playing online casino in India

Tip 1 – License Matters

It would be best to consider different facets while taking License as the determining criteria to categorise an Online Casino gaming platform as – legit or fraud. Some only ‘fake’ that they have a license. Recheck if the information on their site is really genuine or just bogus. Also, certain online casinos get their permits for only a year, and they need to go back to the regulatory bodies to renew them. You should check if their license is still in function or has expired a long time ago. If you find any discrepancies in the License department, steer clear from such gaming platforms.

Tip 2 – Bonuses are not always ‘Good.’

If you go by the Indian mentality, we don’t miss bonuses, coupons, or discount sales. Some sites give you initial money as a bonus that you can use to invest in the game. However, you don’t seem to win. It is because they end up tweaking the game, changing the software function, in short, ensuring that you lose after you finish the bonus. It is how the cycle works. Before you start playing on an online platform, read individual reviews who tried and tested the online casino website, and actually ‘won’ or made ‘progress’.

Tip 3 – Payment Methods are an indication

The UPI payment sources like GPay, PhonePe, and PayTM are quick to point out discrepancies and illegal activities. Whenever there is something wrong, they are swift to point out, and the cat will be out of the bag. That is why you won’t find such trustable payment options on fraudulent sites. Even Mastercards and VISA cards (linked to banks) play an essential role in drawing out scams. You will see new payment options, bitcoins, and other weird payment routes unlike usual. When you see that, 1000% sure, this online casino in India is FAKE!

Tip 4 – Site Security

When you are doing anything online, security is the primary concern. When you are using web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, you will notice an initial warning that the site you will enter is unsafe. Take this warning seriously because the ‘scam’ sites do not have SSL encryption to protect your data. Your web browsers can detect that so be mindful of such alerts. 

Tip 5 – Customer service can give ‘fraud’ sites away

The wrong casino sites take a lot of time to respond to customer queries. Indeed, every platform need not reply at jet speed but consider the worst-case scenario. If you have a problem and reach out to customer care that takes a long time to respond, you will feel irritated, and eventually, that might cost you big time. Therefore, ensure proper customer care service before trusting any online gaming site with your money.


The main reason people tend to get attracted to online casino games is fast cash. You just have to sit at home, make your moves, and ta-da! A considerable sum of money can be yours! It all depends on the game tactics, but you might lose what you already have if you do not choose the best online casino. So, keep these tricks in mind while considering online casinos in India.


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