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The Maths Behind Teenpatti | Simple Secrets to Win Big

Conceived on the lines of a popular British game – “three-card brag”, Teen Patti, which means ‘three cards’ in Hindi, is an online gambling game that has gained massive popularity in India. Octro Teen Patti and Teen Patti Gold have registered maximum mobile downloads in India over the last few years.

As per an Economic Times Article in February 2017, desi poker has toppled international bestsellers like Candy Crush or Ace of Spades in the Indian online gaming market. Ease of finding opponents, free downloading, paid chips feature, real-time gaming experience and a ‘Made In India’ sentiment have enabled ‘Teen Patti’ to strike a chord with Indian gamers.

However, the gaming experience is subjective and largely depends on the player’s skill sets. Teen Patti game is dependent on the mathematics of probability.

Basic Rules of Teenpatti

  • Prerequisites for Teenpatti
    • 3-6 players
    • 52 cards deck sans Joker cards.
    • Minimum bet amount determined.
    • Each player’s booth money (money put at stake) collected.
    • Dealer is chosen.
  • Hand-Ranking categories
  • TrailThree same rank cardsHighest – 3 acesLowest – 3 twos
  • Straight flushThree sequential cards belonging to the same suiteFor example, 2-3-4 of spades, K-Q-J of hearts, etc.
  • Straight sequence Three consecutive cards not belonging to the same suiteFor example, Ace of hearts-2 of spades- 3 of clubs, etc.
  • Color sequenceThree inconsequential cards of the same suiteHighest flush: Ace-King-JackLowest flush: 5-3-2
  • PairTwo same ranking cardsHighest: Ace-King-KingLowest : 2-2-3
  • High CardNo two cards among the three have the same rank or belong to the same suite.Best:  Ace-King-JackWorst : 5-3-2

The Teenpatti game

  • Each player gets 3 cards.
  • In a clockwise direction, the player next to the dealer can choose to be a blind or seen player.
  • The blind player does not see his cards as opposed to a seen player. The stake amount to be placed in the pot, the timing for showdown requests, and options available to stay in the game are different for both types of players.
  • Winner: The player with the highest/best cards post showdown wins all the money in the pot.

The Mathematics Behind Teenpatti

Probability Distribution Table for Teenpatti

Straight Flush480.22%
Straight Sequence7203.26%
High card1644074.39%

BlackJack online Vs Teenpatti

While playing Blackjack online, contrary to TeenPatti, dealers will deal 2 face-up cards to each player. Dealers will have 1 face-up and 1 face-down card. To win this game, you must achieve a score equal to 21 or higher than the dealer. If you score more than 21 you lose and if you score the same as the dealer, your bet amount is refunded. You can play blackjack online free of cost.

Baccarat Game Vs Teenpatti

Unlike TeenPatti, 2 face-up cards are dealt to each player, and a third card is dealt only if the total face value of dealt cards is less than 8. Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait fragrance spray promises to imbibe a sense of optimism to win in a gambling game.

Simple Winning Strategies in Teenpatti

  • Know the game rules well.
  • Play free practice games without betting real money.
  • Choose to be a blind player. The risk of loss is lower with smaller stakes.
  • Bet lower amounts of money in the initial rounds to prevent quick fold.
  • Have an expressionless face to confuse your opponents.
  • Resort to bluffing/packing if your cards are bad.
  • Start betting big when other players are folding out.
  • Judge your opponents well.
  • Be unaffected by losses.


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