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If you like to play poker online, you are probably aware that it can be both fun and tricky. Poker is different from other card games and it puts your expertise to test when you don’t have the cards.

If you have just begun to play online poker with friends, you should acquire some effective techniques of betting to be able to outsmart different types of opponents. This is because only getting a good hand is not enough, you need to understand how to size your bet to turn the results in your favour.

Online Poker Real Money India

India has a huge potential for online Poker. The legal aspect of Poker in India is highly dependent on the local jurisdiction. Individual Indian states have the autonomy to decide upon their own gaming regulations. In India, Poker has been mostly considered a game of skill.

States That Allow to Play Poker Online in India: States like Goa and Sikkim are fairly gambling-friendly. Goa has several land-based casinos. Sikkim, on the other hand, has licensed Poker rooms and very well-defined online Poker regulations.

Why Should You Size Your Bet

The primary factor that separates a skilled Poker player from an absolute beginner, is the player’s in-depth understanding of how one can correctly use the bet size to manipulate and influence the action. Undoubtedly, the incorrect bet size is the most common mistake committed by beginners in Poker, and such errors are a clear indicator of a player’s inexperience.

Beginners often tend to get either too excited or too conscious. They usually either raise their bet to the extreme or bet way too little. A Poker player must understand and review the results he is hoping to achieve before actually placing the bet.

How To Size A Bet

When you make a bet, its size should always be in relation to the present size of the pot. This is why, before you make a bet or a raise, you should make a note of how much money is there in the pot currently. The reason behind doing so is that the pot odds for your opponent will be determined by the amount of money you bet into the pot. This will lead to making them take a call with correct or incorrect odds.

Each time your opponent is making a call with incorrect odds, you raise your chances of making a profit from their fundamental mistake. Therefore, your bets must be of a good size to ensure that your opponents end up making these mistakes while calling.

Why Bet Big?

Bet big to:

  • Get increased value and win more when your opponent calls with worse hands.
  • Your big bets give your opponents the wrong pot odds to continue with drawing hands.

If you make weak bets, you will most probably lose value on your hands. This will give your opponent the chance to make the right odds to call and draw you.

When To Keep Bets Small?

Usually, you should place big bets, but it is time to bet small if you know that you are not going to get outdrawn, and your opponent is going to call a smaller bet against a larger one.


Before making a bet or a raise, you should always have a look at the size of the pot. To make a profit, lower the odds your opponent is getting and increase the value from your hand by making strong bets.

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