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Online Card Games Inspired by Indian Culture

Gambling and card games have been an integral part of Indian culture and mythology since ages. As per some Buddhist texts, existence of gambling in India dates to 300 BC. Also, in the Indian epic Mahabharat we find that an entire kingdom was lost over a game of chance or gambling. Card games, on the other hand, were brought by the Mughals to the Indian shore for the first time as the game of ‘ganjifa’. Usually, festivals see a spike in card gambling activities.

With the advent of many gaming platforms, online card games have gained immense popularity. Some of the online card games inspired by the Indian culture are listed below.

  1. Rummy

It is a pick-and-shed game that tests the analytical and mathematical aptitude of the players. A pack of 52-cards deck is used along with jokers. The number of cards dealt to each player changes as per the number of players. Each player needs to form 3-card or 4-card sets of the same suite or rank with the cards in hand.

  • Teen Patti

It is a desi version of Poker and played with 52-card deck without the jokers. Each player wagers a minimum amount in the pot before the game begins. This is known as boot money. Each player is dealt 3 cards face down, once the boot amount is collected. The player who stays till the end and has the best hands is the winner.

  • Satte Pe Satta

This game can have any number of players. The player holding the 7 of hearts starts the game. Till all cards from ace to king of all suites are laid, the game continues. The player who lays his dealt cards first is the winner. The goal of this game is to block the opponents’ chances to lay their cards and win.

  • Teen Do Paanch

This game is played among three players using 30 cards out of a 52-card deck. A two, a three, and a five card is drawn from the pack and distributed among the players. The player with a two also acts as the dealer. The player to the right of the dealer should make 5 hands and the third player must create 3 hands. The player who makes more than the required number of hands wins.

  • Andar Bahar

The origins of this game are in the state of Karnataka and is supposed to be a century old. Andar bahar card game rules are very easy. You can play andar bahar card game online too.

It is played with a 52-card deck. There is a 50-50 chance to win this game. You can choose to bet any amount on any side – Andar (Inside) or Bahar (Outside). Once the Andar Bahar online betting is done, the dealer will distribute the first card. This card is considered the joker card (e.g. 8 diamonds). The cards will be dealt to the Andar and Bahar sides of the table alternatively. The game ends when the card dealt is the same as the joker card (e.g. 8 hearts).

If the joker card of a black suite comes up, then the next card will be dealt to Andar side. If the joker card from the red suite comes up, then the next card will be dealt to the Bahar side.

The odds of winning are the same for both sides. Side bets can improve your winning chances.

There are many gambling websites to play Andar Bahar card games online.

Since this game is very popular among Indians, many international software providers are offering it in their live casino software. Two notable names in this market are Ezuigi and Super spade games.

These were some of the popular online card games inspired by Indian culture. With the online gaming boom in India, many more such games are likely to be introduced in online casinos in the near future. The existing ones are becoming popular in different formats. Thus, online card games are here to stay.

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