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Live Cricket Betting: Mistakes You Should Avoid

Cricket is a glorious game of uncertainty is a statement you get to hear very frequently. The statement may sound cliche, but it is a fact that none can ignore.

The game of cricket is unpredictable, and the newer, shorter versions are even more so. These versions make the game more exciting, and that’s precisely why online cricket betting is such a hit among punters.

Betting on cricket is a national pastime for every sports fan and gaming enthusiast. The community of online cricket bettors is growing, and the acceleration can be attributed to a great extent because of the availability of many cricket betting apps in India. However, there is a vast difference between casual betting with friends and serious live cricket betting.

If you are looking to try your luck in live cricket betting, make sure you recognize the common mistakes most greenhorn gamblers make. Remember that cricket is a volatile sport, and one dramatic over is all it takes to turn the game on its head.

To make your betting efforts count, avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Betting Without Research

We all agree that betting is more about luck, but live cricket betting is totally a different ball game. An in-depth research about the performance and rankings of the teams and players, their record, and current form can help you place bets to increase your odds of winning. Collect as much information as possible before you place bets on live cricket game.

  1. Rushing With the Wagers

Patience is a positive virtue in betting. Beginners have this tendency to place many wagers within a short time, and that can be dangerous. All it takes is one false step, and you may end up with a big hole in your pocket. Do not bet on every over and every shot. Place your wagers sensibly by focusing on a couple of aspects.

  1. Getting Influenced By Past Results

Every sportsperson and every team have its day when everything falls into place as if by magic, and the team performs like one big mean machine. Punters overlook this and often get influenced by past results. A small team can pull off a huge upset over the top-ranked team in cricket if the players get into a rhythm early.

Look for those small hints such as the batsmen’s body language at the crease or the bowler in action, or luck repeatedly favouring a particular player or team on that day. Consider these indicators carefully and place your bets accordingly. Don’t just bet on the big team of the day because they are dominating the rankings. An upset win can happen in cricket with any team.

  1. Getting the Staking Method Wrong:

Staking methods refer to the betting sum placed on each bet. Choosing the right one is important and keep an eye on how much you are staking in every bet. Making an error in choosing the staking method can make your winnings disappear in no time. Having more information about the game, teams, players, and online cricket betting in India strategies can help you sail through most of the time.

  1. Flipping a Coin to Decide

No kidding, some sports bettors actually do this. Nothing wrong with it if you do it for fun once a while but using a coin flip as a long-term strategy can prove detrimental. This is a highly unreliable method and can wipe out your earnings if the coin lands a couple of times unfavourably.


The sports betting industry is seeing a meteoric rise, especially in context to cricket betting. It is easy to enter the betting game now by choosing the best cricket betting app. Check out what the top gamers are up to and spend more time grasping knowledge about the game and the betting strategies to improve the chances of winning consistently.


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