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Know the Basic Rules of Playing Strip Poker

The Indian online gaming industry is abuzz with activity in recent times.

As per the latest statistics, 46% of the Indian population indulges in some form of gambling. While the lottery continues to top the charts when it comes to gambling, poker is gaining traction in the online format. Online poker in India is booming due to a large number of young users equipped with smartphones.

You can play poker online for free. As you gain expertise in the game, you can put money at stake and win lucrative rewards. Notably, large-scale poker tournaments give you an opportunity to win big. The Indian Online Poker Championship is all set to kickstart on January 31, 2021, with a prize pool of 28 crores and 100+ tournaments.

There are many poker variants, Strip Poker being one of them. This form of poker requires the losers of a hand to remove a piece of their attires as forfeiture. In other words, it is a party version of poker played by replacing chips with clothing. Strip poker can be played online as well. However, as of date, there are very few poker sites offering this variant.

Basic Rules of Playing Strip Poker

  1. Do the Basic Set-Up

Assign a piece of clothing to each chip. Assigning different chip values to each clothing item is a better proposition as some players may be wearing less clothing. Distribute the chips equally among all players. If you are playing strip poker game online, ensure your webcam is working on the portable device or desktop you choose to use. Lock the door and draw the curtains. Explain poker rules to all players. Usually, strip poker is played on the lines of Texas Holdem Poker.

  • Shuffle the Cards And Begin the Deal

Place cards face down and shuffle them. Deal 2 cards to each player which they can see immediately. Deal them 2 bonus cards face down that cannot be seen by them.

This is an important step in poker games that involve community cards. Discard the card at the top of the deck. Place 3 cards face down at the center of the table. These are the community cards and hence can be used by all players.

  • Permit Card Swaps

Allow players to exchange their face down cards post dealing the flop. It has to compulsorily be a blind swap. So no one can look at their cards before an exchange. Discarded cards cannot be included back into the play.

Deal the next flop face down. This dealing is known as a ‘turn’. Then deal the final community card that is known as a ‘river’. Try to make the best 5 card hand and decide the timing for exposing the cards.

  • Reach the Showdown Stage

This is the final stage that identifies the winner and the loser. The one with the worst hand loses a chip and must remove a piece of clothing. When a person runs out of chips, he can sell his clothing to the opponent. This is known as a ‘sale’. If the opponent accepts the strip, then his staked money is reduced to half and credited to the money balance of the loser. In the online versions of strip poker, you can initiate a sale by tapping the ‘sell’ button.

Different points are assigned for ‘Buy a clothe’, ‘Sell a clothe’, ‘Winning by forfeiture (opponent leaves the game), and ‘win a completed game’. Rankings are given as per the total points scored by each player.

These are the basic rules of playing strip poker. It is best to play this game with people you are comfortable with. While many strip poker gaming products are available in the Indian market on e-commerce platforms, it is still not as popular as other forms of poker.


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