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India vs. England Cricket Match 2021: Tips for the Fourth Test Match

As of now, both India and England stand at one win each in the test match series. England won the first test match by 227 runs, held on 5th February. Then, India won the second test match by 317 runs, held on 13th February.

It can be a little hard to predict the outcomes of the third and fourth test matches just from that alone. So, if you were thinking of participating in online cricket betting in India, you will have to place your bets very carefully.

But, no need to worry. We’ve rounded up some of the best live cricket betting tips so that you can place those bets with confidence and see some good outcomes.

Do Your Research

This is the most important thing when it comes to placing successful bets. Sure, guesses can get you good winnings at times, but there are as many chances of losing all your money due to a random guess.

Therefore, don’t just assume that since both teams have a win each, they both have equal odds at winning. Carefully study the entire gameplay of all three test matches. Evaluate the performance of different players and assess their consistency and skills.

Having said that, sometimes, it’s also good to trust your gut instinct. If you’re having a very strong inclination towards a particular outcome, then listening to that feeling can pay off at times.

Don’t Fall for the Home Team Bias

One mistake many beginners or even experienced betters tend to make is to fall for certain biases. In this case, many people often form a home team bias and automatically bet everything they have on the Indian team.

However, as the first test match showed, England is just as capable of winning even on India’s turf. As the home team, India certainly enjoys some advantage over England, but you shouldn’t count on it too much. Instead, as mentioned earlier, spend some time researching both team’s strengths and weaknesses before deciding.

Join a Forum

This is helpful for everyone but especially if you are a beginner and are having a hard time figuring out predictions for the next match, consider joining a forum. This can be a general cricket forum or one specifically for online cricket betting in India.

Over here, you can see what other people are discussing about the previous games and what they are predicting for the next matches. Similarly, you can discuss your thoughts and ideas and gain a new perspective as well.

However, again, don’t base your decisions on just what you read on these forums. Make sure you do your research as well. Sometimes, the general opinion can be entirely the opposite of the actual outcome.

Install the Best Cricket Betting Apps in India

Another important tip is to install the best cricket betting apps in India. Sometimes, these apps themselves can provide various match statistics, trends, performance reports, etc., that can help you make better decisions.

Moreover, since we’re talking about live cricket betting, having the best app is even more critical. You don’t want the app lagging while you’re trying to place bets in real-time.

Final Thoughts

With the third test match scheduled from 24th to 28th February and the fourth test match scheduled from 4th to 8th March, cricket fans don’t have a lot of time to waste. So, install the best cricket betting app on your phone if you haven’t already and start testing your luck.

Let us know in the comments how your bets turned out. May the odds be ever in your favor!

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