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How to Pull Off a Successful Bluff in Poker: Play Like a Pro!

Online poker games are meant for all. You can play poker for fun or take it up as a profession. It is a stress-relieving game and a perfect tool to up your mathematical skills. You can play them on your desktop, laptop, mobile, or any other portable device. If you are a newbie, you can try playing poker online for free to have a basic understanding of the game. There are many websites like Pocket52, 9Stacks, PokerDangal, etc. that allow you to play free online poker games in India.

Seasoned players make the game look easy. However, the game isn’t as easy as you think. Poker is a skill-based game that requires strategic thinking to win. Professionals have struggled and practiced a lot to become a pro.

In poker, having a good hand isn’t enough. Bluffing can help you earn huge profits. Playing the game sans bluffing might decrease your winning chances in the long run. However, for an amateur, it is recommended to refrain from bluffing.

Here are some tips and tricks to pull off a successful bluff.

  1. Avoid Bluffing Against A Large Group

Bluffs should be reserved towards the end of the game when you do not have more than 2 opponents. The bigger the group, the lesser will be the willingness of opponents to call bets. So, bluffing yields no profits against a large group.

  • Don’t Bluff Against Beginners

Newbies do not know the nitty-gritty of poker yet. Hence, they will frequently call bets irrespective of the strength of their hands. An experienced player, whereas, will fold if they have bad or mediocre hands. They will not call down till they assess the strength of your hand.

  • Be Choosy With Your Hands

Bluff only when your winning chances are high. Limit your bluffs to situations wherein your opponents will be compelled to fold. You can skip a round or two if you have bad hands. Resort to semi-bluffing, when more cards are yet to come. Semi-bluffing allows you to win either by hitting a draw or by your opponent’s folding.

  • Avoid Bluffing When Opponents Have Strong Hands

A true bluff should never be placed against strong hands. You can semi-bluff as it is less risky than a true bluff. But, a semi-bluff will work if you have a decent or same hand. However, semi-bluff helps you avoid a showdown. Even if a showdown occurs you aren’t in a tight spot.

  • Build A Strong Self-Image

Your rewards are largely determined by other players’ perceptions of you. If you play every hand and bluff frequently, your opponents will consider you ‘loose’. A negative reputation will lead to losses when you bluff. So, it is advisable to become a tight player with calculated bluffs. A tight image has a higher chance of a successful bluff.

  • Bluff When You Have Staked Less

Bluffing is a good strategy when you have low bets and strong hands. This strategy makes your opponents add more money to the winning pot. Thus, you can win big with a successful bluff.

Besides, make note of the expressions of players who have folded. Players tend to emote more when they run out of hands. This will help you time your bluff and maximize your winning chances.

  • Follow Your Previous Bet

Repeat a bet if you raised a pre-flop and missed the flop. Your opponents will think you have better cards this time and will refrain from calling unless they have strong hands.

These were some strategies to bluff like a pro. If you are a novice, play poker online free as many times as possible. A valuable gaming experience is a key to master the art of bluffing. Bluffing when combined with other poker strategies helps you win tournaments and grab blockbuster rewards.

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