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How to Choose Safe Online Casinos:10 Factors to consider

Being the second-largest country in terms of mobile application downloads, India is a promising market for online games. Online casinos in India have gained tremendous momentum in the last 6 years due to increased funding from domestic and international brands. The Rs 62 billion online gaming industry is expected to register a net growth of 41% by 2021. The introduction of 5G network bandwidth, consumption of smartphones by half a billion users, and the proliferation of gaming startups showcase the exemplary growth potential of this industry.

Royal Panda,, 22 Bet, betway live casino, etc. are some of the top online casino games played in India.

However, online gambling carries significant risks in the form of unfair rewards and criminal activity involving the exploitation of children and the vulnerable population.

Thus, let us list out some factors while choosing authorized and secured online casinos.

  1. Check if the online casino has a legit license

Gambling laws in India are state-specific. So the online casino should have a valid license from the local government of its state of origin. In some Indian states, online gambling is prohibited, while some others have issued qualifiers for obtaining an online gaming license. So find out under which state’s jurisdiction does your prospective online casino fall.

  • Check the software used for operating the online casino

Your prospective online casino should be operated by a well-known software provider. The software should be fast, robust, and secure ensuring you a seamless gaming experience while keeping your private crucial information intact.

  • Ensure the online casino has a high-quality fraud detection system

The inbuilt security systems on the website must prevent monetary losses while processing card payments. Crucial card data like CVV code, card number, etc. should not be leaked. Fraudulent activities amounting to the theft of money/identity should be immediately detected and corrected by the security systems.

With a plethora of national and international online casinos operating in the virtual gambling arena, it is always important to check the reviews and ratings given by previous users of the online casino. Make an informed decision based on user feedback.

  • Check if the online casino has a back-end support team

Every reputed online casino has a 24X7 client support team that handles technical queries about the games/website. It also resolves payment issues faced by users therein. So never go for online casinos that lack customer support services.

  • Find out the online payment options supported by the website

As gambling is not endorsed by the Indian Government, banks are usually hesitant to process online gambling transactions. So the prospective online casino must support e-wallets or prepaid cards like Skrill, Netteller, etc.

  • Be cautious about fake websites.

Most fraudulent websites will lure you to open an account and pay a deposit amount in return for large real money prizes. Remember, to play online casino games you have to pledge some money but you won’t get a penny if you don’t play a real-time game. So, websites that promise you unrealistic rewards without playing are fake. Some cheat codes provided are viruses in disguise. Unsolicited phishing mails from fake sites will lead to identity theft.

  • Beware of websites plagued with criminal activities

Online casinos are many times accessed by wanted criminals as a cover-up for their illegal activities. So beware of such websites.

  • Adaptability

The online casino should be downloadable on all devices – mobile, tablet, and desktop.

  1. Brand image of the online casino.

The more reputed the casino, the safer it is for betting. Choose top-ranked casinos.

Select the best online casino after considering the above factors.


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