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eSports Betting: Tips to Play Like a Pro!

Esports in India are already very popular, especially among youngsters. Whether it is League Of Legends betting, CS: GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) betting, DOTA 2 betting, FIFA Football/Soccer, Battlefield, Call of Duty betting, overwatch, or Rainbow 6 betting, each of these esports games require competitive skills. Most top events of these games have prize pools of millions of pounds/dollars.

The following tips can help you find the best esports betting odds online:

1.  Tips to bet on DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is one of the world’s largest competitive esports offering prize pools of approx US$30million internationally.

  • Look at stats to determine teams’ previous performance, their form at present, and each player’s form. It will help you to determine a team’s strength and you can bet on strong teams.
  • Like most esports, DOTA 2 also has a meta. Changes in the meta affect the performance of a team. Some teams adopt a change in meta and perform very well, while a few cannot adapt to changes immediately.

2.  Tips to bet on CS: GO

Before every match, two competitive teams can choose from seven maps in the competitive CS: GO map pool. Each team picks and bans certain maps. You need to understand each team’s map preferences and try to identify the maps that each team favours. You can take advantage of stats. Keep an eye on meta and stats as well. 

3.  Manage your betting budget responsibly

It is always wise to go ahead with a good strategy instead of suffering a nasty losing streak. Manage your betting budget carefully and play games responsibly.

4.  Use odds comparison tables

To find out which bookmakers are offering the highest payouts, you should check online odds comparison tables. You may know that the odds on esports betting vary from bookie to bookie. You should opt for the highest odds available because a slight increase can give you a better return that too in the long run.

5.  Use cash out

It is one of the quite popular eSports betting strategies. You need to dump your bet early before the market gets finalized. If it is a bigger lead, there is a chance to obtain huge profit using this strategy.

6.  Social Media for Strategy

Esports is a niche itself. You can follow decent esports news sites. Take advantage of popular social media handles for a better understanding of esports betting. Whilst there is a need for extra caution while using it. It doesn’t hurt if you use it to get updates on the recent developments in the esports scene.

7.  Smaller contests over big tournaments

Do not fall for the big tournaments. Instead, find better odds on a lower-risk marketplace and bet on smaller contests. It gives you more opportunities to eliminate the house advantage as the bookmakers.

8.  Esports Betting Predictions 2021

Many websites provide the latest odds of winning and losing the players in various playoffs. These predictions are updated on a daily basis and in advance too. You can read about the gamer and the game to make a bet. Instead of picking a winner for a match, you should explore some relevant predictions on the first go.

The Bottom Line

Many newcomers place their bets on esports but give up when they lose. Meanwhile, all experienced punters know that losing bets are an inevitable part of esports betting. There is a need for skills and strategy to increase the odds of winning. Stay updated with esports betting predictions and bet only after a proper understanding of the same. In this way, you can take the exit with a decent amount of money.

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