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Esports and Fantasy Sports | Know the Biggest Difference

The Esports and Fantasy Sports industry has gained immense popularity over the last few years. Esports has exploded in popularity, from 6 million in 2017 to 17 million in 2020 viewers and are on the track to have more online viewers than other market giants.

As per a KPMG report, the revenue from the online gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.1 per cent between FY18-23.  It has seen massive growth in terms of viewers as well as revenue. With more people becoming interested in betting on Esports games and fantasy sports, several online betting sites have mushroomed during recent years.

With the Esports and Fantasy Sports industry almost a decade old, the gaming culture has slowly turned into a serious profession. India secured its first ever Esports bronze medal at the Asian Games 2018. This clearly explains its increasing popularity in India. With mobile Esports replacing the traditional PC and Console gaming platforms, the participation and engagement of viewers are at serious levels.

Betdaily is one such online betting site that offers the best experience and has hundreds of games to choose from. Getting started on Esports and Fantasy Sports is the same. Registering an account in a bookmaker site and paying the deposit amount is the first step. The difference lies in the way the games are to be played.

What are the Esports games?

Esports is a form of electronic sports that involves video game competitions between professional players, playing individually or in teams. It is an organized event culminating into national and international level championships.

ESports is a competitive and professional arena of multiplayer gaming. Millions of fans are a part of this fast-evolving industry and it attracts investors who are ready to put billions into this. The mobile ESports platform has enabled at-home gamers to build up their fan domain.

Esports transforms online gaming into a professional sporting event and includes games such as FIFA, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, Dota, and many more.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy Sports is a type of online gaming that allows you to predict the outcome of your virtual team. The virtual league is formed with real sports players. The choice of players into your team depends solely on your understanding of the statistics of the game and the performance of the players.   

Your decisions regarding your fantasy team are based on your knowledge of the sport. Each player in your team has a value that corresponds to the real-time value. A team is formed keeping the salary cap in mind. Teams of other players can have the same players as your team.

Betdaily allows you to play Fantasy Sports on a wide range of sports such as Football, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, amongst others. Virtual teams composed of real-time players compete with each other to earn fantasy points.

Difference between Esports and Fantasy Sports

  • Unlike Fantasy Sports, a player’s success in ESports is independent of his physical attributes. The playing field is levelled for all players irrespective of gender, and location as well. The democratization of participation is a striking feature that pulls in viewers.
  • The aspect of fictional players in a fictional world in ESports is different from that of Fantasy Sports. Real players are engaged in a fictional game environment in case of Fantasy Sports.
  • Moreover, the way revenue is generated varies in both. Live-streaming is the major source of revenue for the ESports industry. Whereas, the Fantasy Sports industry generates its revenue from the money the players put in to play. A commission is also levied on the winning amount.
  • Though real money is involved both in ESports and Fantasy Sports, the betting scenario is different in each case. Betting and winning in ESports is purely based on the skill of the professional video game player. But, fantasy sports depend on both skill and chance.

Thus, while esports is one of the popular ways to bet on sports, there are various games which fall under the fantasy sports arena which you can take advantage of. So what are you waiting for?


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