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Be Social Media or Online Betting – India is nowhere behind

Betting, well the word is enough to spike interest in any online gamer. For decades or to be more precise, some years now, online betting has caught the world by storm. While many people pick betting online as their favorite pastime, there are many other benefits also attached to it.

Say whatever you may, but the truth is in India sports betting has taken a huge leap by becoming a mainstream source of entertainment. Blame it on the rise of social media or internet usage every player now is aware of betting sites and a dollop of cash prizes associated with it.

How and Where The Dating Scenario Began In India?

Online betting in India traces its roots back to thousands of years ago. It can be said that the concept of bets started with the introduction of the lottery. The popularity of the lottery paved way for many people navigating themselves to betting.

Today such is the popularity of online betting sites, that Indians cannot keep themselves away from the various sports listed out here. Did you know that there are in fact no laws that make online gambling illegal sight in India?

Yes, this very fact helps people to freely indulge in online gambling and has become a source of relief to the gambling lovers in India. Today with the rise of many sites like professional players and gaming greenhorns can easily gamble to their heart’s content.

Now that we know when and how online betting in India caught people’s attention, let us take a detailed look at the scene right now.

What Is The Online Gambling Scenario In India Right Now?

Before we take a swan dive into the current gambling scenario prevalent in the country, it is essential to mention how the government welcomed gaming in the first place. To put it in simple words, gambling was never banned in our country. It has always been a pretty significant part ever since the monarchy system ended.

Whatever restrictions were there related to gambling, they just brushed the upper surface of the entire gaming universe. Coming back to the present state, it can be said that gambling has remained a large part of India.

With the rise in the use of electronic gadgets along with internet connections, gamblers in India know for a fact that online gambling is pretty much safe in the country. Apart from this what makes India an important hotspot for online gambling is the total population. We are over 1.3 billion people today and more than half of the young Indians have grown up watching cricket and football live matches.

It is purely natural that with access to smartphones and the Internet, people in India can truly be obsessed with sports and the positive outcomes of betting as a whole.

Going by the above-mentioned points one can truly say that the online gambling scenario is emerging in India and we can predict it really has a bright future.

What Is The Future of Online Gambling In India?

It is true that India is seeing a huge rise in the online gambling sector. And judging by the state online betting is in, one can truly say that it is going to be a huge hit in the future also.

A huge part of the sports betting scenario can be contributed to the rising awareness of smart devices. There is no denying the fact that over the past few years, we have seen a huge spike in the sale of smartphones in India.

People are embracing all the norms of the virtual world with open arms and there are barely any social media platforms today where Indians are not active. There are also a few parameters also which we would like to bring to your attention.

As we all know online betting in India is quite a popular scenario these days, we have underlined a few factors, which in the future also will contribute to the popularity:

  • Social media today is the main aspect that has given online gambling a boost. There are so many ads and promotions floating around the internet, which has to lead to the upsurge in the popularity of betting sites. The huge deal of tournaments and cash prizes helps these sites to trend high in the eyes of gambling lovers in India.
  • Another main reason why gambling will stick with the Indians for ages to come is due to the larger concentration of the upper-middle-class-people in the country. These types of demographics never leave a chance to try their luck in earning an additional amount of money. Given the condition of the Indian economy and the capitalist society we all are thriving in, sports betting will, sure enough, become one of the prime sources of passive income for people.
  •  Last but not least is the lack of rules and regulations of the online gambling industry in India. This makes players more inclined towards betting sites.

Which Is The Popular Site To Place Bets On Your Favorite Sports?

The online betting scene in India is continuously becoming liberalized day by day. Despite the betting regulations remaining unchanged, the online route for sports betting is growing leaps and bounds.

As the popularity of the sites continues to spike high, there are many online websites which are allowing players to try their luck every day. One of them is The online website is one of the best available today and has hordes of opportunities for professional players to try their luck.

Another demarcating aspect of the site is that it has:

·          Quick withdrawal and deposit of money.

·          Great odds and ideal service.

·          High security which keeps your information safe.

With all these great features, also offers a great deal of entertainment in the form of live matches, online casinos, and cricket tournaments to place your bets.


It is true that India has already become a superpower when it comes to betting online. With all the political groundwork in place, in the coming years, one can say that the scenario will be much more liberalized. This will lead to many more sites with a tailor-made betting product to come up and cater to the interests of players simultaneously.


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