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Andar Bahar Card Game Online | Play With Real Money

In India, the Andar Bahar card game is played commonly among family members for more than 100-years now. It is also known as Maang Patta, Mankatha, and Katti. Now, this traditional game is available online as well, courtesy of technological advancements.

Its popularity lies in the fact that like a straightforward and simple game Andar Bahar holds the potential for high returns even with a small amount of money. You can play it with basic knowledge of cards. However, you need to have clear insights into the game. To take advantage of fast-paced and varied plays, register at a fast and secured app, deposit money, and get started. While the game is on, you can communicate with the dealers and the other players via chat.

Andar Bahar Card Game Online – Explained

The game revolves around the deck of 52 cards and your prediction for a side that has the identically numbered card to the chosen card. The odds of winning are 50-50 with informative guesswork.

You need to choose a side – Andar (the player’s left side) or Bahar (the player’s right side) – that may have the card to match with the drawn card called the Game Card. The game is over once a card is dealt off the same number as the Game Card.

With some dealers, the Joker card is the one card in the game that must be matched to win a bet.

The Procedure

The following process will give you a clear perspective of the game:

Step 1. Shuffling

The process starts with the shuffling of the pack of regular 52-cards and then the dealer draws a card at random. It will be put in the centre and revealed to all players. This card is known as the Game Card.

Step 2. Betting

Now players can bet on ‘Andar’ or ‘Bahar’ side. They need to predict whether a card identically numbered will appear in Andar or Bahar and bet on this.

Step 3. Dealing

Now the Andar and Bahar betting spots are in limelight. Cards will deal with these betting spots in the following manner.

  • If the first card is a red suit i.e. hearts or diamonds, then dealing will start from Bahar.
  • If it is black i.e. clubs or spades, then it will start from Andar.

The dealer puts the cards face up one by one to the Andar and Bahar sections of the deck until a card matches the Game Card.

Step 4. Win or lose

You will win if you have bet on the correct spot i.e. Andar or Bahar and you will be credited instantly with the payout. All other bettors will lose to the dealer.


Let us take an example. Suppose the dealer cuts the pack and draws a card value of 7. And you have bet on Bahar. Now cards are dealing with both betting spots and the identically numbered card i.e. 7 appears on the Bahar side. You have won the bet. All other bets on Bahar have lost to the dealer. It is as simple as that.

Like the Teen patti online game, there is no need to learn complicated terminology in the Andar Bahar card game.


As you are playing with real money, you can deposit money in your online casino account through net banking, VISA, and e-wallets.

The Bidding Amount

You can place a bet with as low as Rs.10. The minimum and maximum amount to participate depend on the online casino website you have chosen.

The Bottom Line

Every player has different strategies to play online casino games but the budgeting system is the same for all players i.e. bet with the amount that you are ready to lose. Remember that the maximum and minimum betting levels differ from site to site and version to version. You need to pick a version that suits your budget. Keep control on how much you bet. It is best to set deposit limits for daily, weekly, and monthly periods.


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