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8 Sports With Higher Live Betting Odds

It’s not easy to find the best sport to bet your hard-earned money on, but if you want to maximize your wins, you’ll have to do the research – and that can take time.  

This means looking for the best sports betting exchange, finding value in bets, and choosing the right teams – among others. This can be easier said than done because there are so many permutations and combinations out there.

Once you’ve decided which sports betting app to download, it’s time to pick a sport that will give you the most bang for your buck. In this quick guide, we’ve listed down 8 of the best sports with higher live betting odds.


Football is arguably the most popular sport the world over, with the Premier League racking up millions of views from diehard fans. Even in the toughest of weather conditions, you’ll see fans flocking to stadiums to see their players perform.

More importantly, football is one of the easiest sports for punters to bet on.

Some of the easiest football bets with high odds of being correct include:

  • over/under
  • double chance
  • draw no bet
  • both teams no score

You can learn more about types of football betting here.

It’s also worth pointing out that football teams have extensive material available on them for review so you can study them for more informed decision making.


Horseracing isn’t very popular with regular sports aficionados, but punters can’t seem to get enough of it. Placing bets is easy. All you need to win is pick a horse that must place first, second, or third. The payout may be small if you bet Win, but you face a lower risk of losing.


Tennis is very popular in India among fans and punters alike. The advent of live betting has made it even more popular because you can bet on every game, point, set, or match. You can also fine-tune the betting strategy as the game evolves. Many casual punters start out with tennis betting. Some of the easiest bets for tennis include:

  • Outright betting
  • Over/under betting
  • Handicap betting

Click here to learn more about the types of betting in tennis.


Few sports have the ability to flare up emotions among fans like cricket. Cricket is perfect for betting because it is slow-paced and lasts for several days. It is ideal for both live and in-game betting. Punters can change their batting strategy based on the game. Some of the easiest bets to place on cricket include:

  • Boundaries.
  • Most sixes scored.
  • Man of the match.

For more details, check out this guide here.


Most Indians don’t watch rugby but it shares much in common with football in terms of betting options. Some of the easiest bets to place on rugby include:

  • Handicap bets.
  • Top score in tournament/series.
  • Winning margin. 

The biggest advantage with rugby is the sheer unpredictability of the game. It can go either way. This is why it’s thrilling to bet on underdogs who often pull off huge upsets – a profitable event for punters with the necessary foresight.


Punters can place bets on both professional and amateur boxing. The advantage of boxing is that boxers are usually very consistent with their performances. This makes betting odds more reliable. For the most part, it’s safe for punters to bet on the favorite consistently.

Some of the easiest bets on boxing include:

  • Over/under.
  • Method of victory.
  • Round group of betting.


MMA’s unique format works especially well for punters due to the sheer variety of outcomes and bet types.

Some of the easiest bets to win money on are:

  • Method of win.
  • Round winner.
  • Over/under.


CS: GO often has consistent odds because players who perform well have a lower risk of being defeated by their less capable opponents. You can place bets not only on single matches but also on match combinations.

In the latter case, the odds will be multiplied. Just keep in mind that you’ll have to win every one of the individual outcomes for your combination to win.

Do keep in mind that everything happens very fast in CS: GO and you won’t always be able to count on an expert’s analysis. In CS: GO, you’re mostly on your own and have to rely on your own intuition.

Wrapping Up

If you want to place the best bet on sports, you should always refer to the statistics to learn more about the teams, leagues, and athletes. For the most part, you should try to outsmart the bookies. You’ll find many experts on YouTube who will offer their two cents on the best bet on sports. Learn from their advice and formulate your own opinions.

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