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7 Esports Betting Myths Debunked

Esports has a huge following worldwide attracting audiences from all over the world. Live-streaming services allow you to watch Esport games in real-time from anywhere and give overnight popularity to some gamers. It is one of the fastest-growing industries of the world with phenomenal revenue generation potential worth billions of dollars.

Yet, the nature of the sport makes people think it to be an easy game along with illegal aspects that seem to shadow the real sportsmanship and skill.

  1. You should bet on younger players only

You often think of Esports as online games for teenagers and youngsters in their twenties. But, the latest statistics on Esport gamers have proved that age is just a number. With the Esports market gaining popularity with every passing day, the average age of players is on the rise. The oldest Esport player is a 101-year old Malaysian national named Hairul Wahab. A 34-year old Polish national Taz is a perfect example of a successful Esport pro at present.

  • Luck is the governing factor in Esport bets

Potential tournament winners are predicted based on their historical performance and prize money earned to date. A lot of mathematical, statistical, and data science tools are used to deduce probable results of Esport tournaments. These analytical reports enable you to understand how each team plays and what kind of strategies they used in the past. What was their win rate with each strategy and much more. So, a bookmaker who is well-informed has higher chances of winning and his luck alone will not make him a winner.

Like every other game, you have to analyse your options, costs, risks, and budget before putting your money at stake. You can generate wealth in the long run from Esports betting if you have a disciplined approach. Do a SWOT analysis of each league and their past performances. With the Esports market continually growing and plenty of technological tools available to identify potential winners, Esport betting is definitely lucrative in the long run.

  • Always bet on tournament favorites

The world has seen many sporting events with fortunes turning overnight and underdogs winning against the most powerful teams of the season. Esports is no exception. The World League of Legends Season 4 saw underdogs AHQ Esports club winning over tournament favourites Edward Gaming. This is considered one of the biggest upsets in Esports. So, betting on favorites is not always the best strategy.

  • All Esports betting is illegal

While there is no denying the fact that the Esports industry is plagued with malpractices like illegal betting and match-fixing, there are many legal Esports betting websites like Bovada, Mybookie, etc. Many countries have legalized Esport betting and endorse legal sports websites for betting. Thus, not all Esports betting is illegal.

  • Always bet on popular Esports

For a long time, bookmakers usually betted on popular Esports like CS-GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, Dota 2, and Fortnite. But some games like ‘The Race’ and ‘WTF1’ of Torque Esports Media have gained traction in 2020. Their viewership continues to grow thus making them potential hot choices for betting in the future. Thus, betting on popular Esports may not always be the best thing to do.

While it is true that many Esport companies make use of a computer algorithm to select winners in a non-biased manner, some companies like Golden Races have a biased system that links the Random Number Generator (RNG) to all odd probabilities to determine the winner. They have tried to make this system as realistic as possible for bookmakers.

Esports in India are relatively underdeveloped with less viewership too. However, since 2018, the Esports market is steadily growing with the entry of many big brands like Red Bull, Dell, etc who are positive about its growth potential. Esports India viewership is estimated to touch 17 million by the end of 2020. Thus, one can only imagine the scale it will acquire in the coming years.


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