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6 Online Casino Games With Best Winning Odds

Are you playing online casino games for fun, excitement, or money? Nearly all online casinos have games that can cater to the diverse gaming interests of every player. With access to unlimited online gaming resources, you can find the top casino games that interest you the most with little or no effort at all.

Here is the list of the six best casino games with the best winning odds. Take a look and get started straight away.


  • House Edge: Starts from 0.5 percent
  • House EdgeRank – Low

Blackjack is one of the best online casino games and has fans all over the world. It is a relatively simple game, and that is one of the key reasons for its consistent popularity. It also offers one of the best odds. If you are into card games, you will surely love Blackjack. You will find many online casinos offering a blackjack sign-up or welcome bonus to entice you. Check the fine print before you commit.

 Video Poker

  • House Edge: Starts from 0.46 percent
  • House EdgeRank: Low

This is also one of the popular games amongst players, and the online version is as exciting as the land casino version. It is great fun to play, but the best part is the massive bonuses offered as additional perks. The winning odds are high. Online casinos offer attractive bonuses and promotions as well as free spins to keep you logged in. Know when to grab that big opportunity and go for it.


  • Best House Edge: Starts from 1.40 percent
  • House EdgeRank: Low

Gamers love playing Craps online for real money and the amazing excitement it offers. This fairly basic casino game may look complex, but you will get into the groove within no time. You have to focus on the Come Out Roll phase in which you place a bet on the Craps table. The other important step of the game is the Point Phase. Once you decode these two rules, you can play like a pro and have a go at it.


  • Best House Edge: Starts from 1.01 percent
  • House EdgeRank: Low

If you want a hassle-free start to your online gaming experience, Baccarat is the right choice. It is a simple game and easy to understand and play, with high winning odds. There are many variants such as the Mini-Baccarat, Punto Banco, Speed Baccarat, and Baccarat Squeeze. You start by betting on the Bank or the Player depending on your judgment on who will win.

 Pai Gow Poker

  • Best House Edge: Starts from 2.84 percent
  • House EdgeRank: Low

 The name Pai Gow Cow may make the game sound complex and intriguing, but it is not. It is one game where the online version is easier to play. One of the key features of this game is that you can start with as low as $5 and you need not wait for a table.


  • Best House Edge: From 2 to 10 percent
  • House EdgeRank: Medium to High

Slots need no introduction and explanation. There are hundreds of versions available and endless variations as well. The top three-reel and top five-reel versions are the most popular and can win you real money on your lucky day.


 It is very difficult to pick the top six online casino games because every game has its own USPs. The ones we have mentioned here are traditionally among the most popular casino games. Their online versions offered by the best online casino in India are a rage among today’s generation because of the fun and excitement associated with them. Of course, all these games allow you to boost your wallet as well, an extra motivation that drives you back to play these games.

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