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10 Expert Advice on eSports Gambling

With all the emphasis on eSports over the last several years, it was obvious that online gambling would grow into the next big thing in 2021. It’s so popular that the global eSports in India and around the world is estimated to be worth over $30 billion. While eSports in India is still relatively new to punters, the basic tenet behind gambling has stayed the same: making strategic decisions based on analytical data.

Whether you’re new to eSports games or are here to brush up on your skills, we’ve narrowed down 10 expert tips on eSports in India to maximize your betting odds.

1. Start Playing the Actual Game

To know the game, you have to play it. There’s no secret underground booklet that tells you how any game is played.  There’s a reason why most competitive games give the disclaimer, “Online experience may differ from offline experience”. This is because humans deploy extremely different strategies and tactics that you can’t easily define on a piece of paper. You have to play the game to feel it.

It’s not so much about getting good at the game (although that helps) as it is about getting the gist of it.

2. Know the Background Info on Teams and Players

Once you have understood how the game mechanics work, your next best step should be to learn more about the competing teams and their players, including female eSports players. Pretty much like you would do with any other sports such as football or basketball. Be careful though, eSports teams are always in a state of flux and the addition of just one strong player can heavily tilt the scales in either direction.

3. Finding Value

This can be difficult to predict because online gaming can go either way, especially if the players share a similar skill set. In general, if one team dominates the first round (a clean sweep), there is a great likelihood this will carry over into the next rounds. It is also possible to place in-play bets and punt on the total rounds that may take place on a map and the winner of those rounds.

4. Live Streaming

Live streaming can be extremely suspenseful and gives you access to more information that can be used to place more accurate bets. You can evaluate the atmosphere of the match and place in-play bets. Many sites let you live stream competitive games, including YouTube Gaming and Twitch.

5. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s better to know the ins and outs of one eSports game and betting accordingly than to have a cursory understanding of several eSports games. We recommend just sticking to one eSports and learning all there is to know about it. This lets you identify bets that improve your odds. You can also make better decisions on a smaller budget.

6. Keeping Up with the Gaming Community

Pretty much like regular sports have commentators and analysts, eSports also have their fair share of ‘experts’ who have spent literally decades learning the ins and outs of a game. You can bank on their experience and insights to place bets. Just make sure to know the difference between speculation and information.

7. Don’t Just Participate in Major eSports Tournaments

eSports events take place round the clock every single day – so it would be redundant to wait for mega-events such as LoL World Championship or The International. In fact, we recommend starting small because it will translate into great value for your money. 

8. Track Your Progress

We cannot emphasize this enough: you have to track your bets and keep a note of the profits you made and the losses you had. This will let you place more sensible bets that are aligned with your bankroll.

9. Crawl Intelligence Websites

There are many sites for eSports in India that discuss eSports based statistics. They will all have their own methodologies that may be polar opposites with each other. Every responsible punter should go

through those websites to check rankings,  past match results, fixture history, and other statistical information.

That said, don’t just rely on no rankings because lower-ranked teams have been known to cause upsets – in fact, this is the main draw of eSports… the sheer excitement and suspense of not knowing who’ll win.

10. Learn How to Manage Your Bankroll

Only bet amounts that you can afford to lose. Don’t try to be a hero! Prepare to accept defeat and losses because those are part of your learning curve. For beginners, we recommend a flat betting approach (risking only 1 to 5% of your budget). Anything more and you’re asking for trouble!

This protects your bankroll during a losing streak and also sets you up for a positive ROI in the long run.


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